Making Your Laundromat Attractive To College Students

23 August 2017
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If there are a few universities or colleges in your area and you own a laundromat, it can be a lucrative idea to attract students to your establishment. To do this, the pointers below can guide you.

Provide Machine Choice

While some students wash their comforters, blankets, and clothing all at once every week, some will just drop in to wash a single outfit or pillows that they spilled soda on. Work with a laundry distributor to outfit your place with both small and large dryers and washers so that people have a choice about which machine to use. Because students can be low on money, providing the choice of different machines that cost different amounts of money can also be good.

Contact a company like SLM Corp to learn about specific machine choices.

Give Them Something Fun to Do

Every college kid will need to do their laundry, but like most people, they may not be overly excited about it. To encourage them to pay you a visit, give them some activities and things they can do while they wait for clothing to wash and dry. If you can provide them with a large-screen TV and a few couches or seats, for example, they can drop by and keep themselves occupied while doing laundry. You can even have theme nights where you provide popcorn and have students over to watch the most popular shows.

Offer More Laundry Services

Some students, particularly those who have not been away from home much, don't have experience washing, ironing, or folding their own clothing and linens. To help them, you can invest in commercial ironing rollers and provide ironing services for those times when they need to look their best. You can also fold their clothing. This will allow them to keep up appearances when they're first learning to live away from their parents.

Even if the kids know how to do these things, sometimes, particularly during finals, they may not have much time to do them personally. By offering these services, you'll save them time and they won't walk around with stinky clothing and dirty bed linens while studying so hard. You can charge a little more for this work, which will be a welcome source of additional income.

These ideas will help the students in your area while also bringing in more business for you. Get feedback from students and discuss your business with industry professionals to truly grow your laundry business.