Thinking Of Opening A Bakery? Equipment You May Need

24 February 2017
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If you are thinking about opening a bakery, you are likely overwhelmed with all of the different aspects of the business that you need to deal with. And it can be easy to focus on what recipes you want to use and the other creative aspects of baking and bakery ownership. However, it is equally important if not more important to also focus on the practical elements of bakery ownership including some of the large equipment and appliances that you will need to get in order to get your bakery up and running. Get to know more about some of that equipment so that you can begin pricing and shopping as soon as possible.

Restaurant Refrigerators and Freezers

Even if your bakery is going to start out very small until you really find your footing in your local market, you will need high quality refrigeration to ensure that your ingredients are kept at proper temperatures and that you meet all health code requirements in your business operations.

As such, you will need large restaurant-style refrigerators and freezers for your bakery (also known as commercial refrigerators). These units have superior temperature and moisture control to home refrigerators and are much more spacious allowing you to keep your ingredients separate and prevent cross-contamination.

Refrigerated Display Cases

Additionally, many of your baked goods will need to be kept cool in order to remain delicious and edible more than an hour or two after they have been baked and decorated. But you also want your customers to be able to see your products. When customers have a good visual of the items for sale at a bakery, they are much more likely to purchase them. 

As such, you will need refrigerated display cases for the front of your bakery as well. There are different types of display cases that you can choose from depending on your preferred aesthetic and the space that you have for your bakery.

One of the options would be a display case similar to those for supermarket case products. These are tall refrigerated units with clear glass doors. Customers would be able to open the case and select their own items for purchase. If you are selling cakes or packaged cases of cupcakes and other baked goods, this would be an ideal solution for you. Counter cases, on the other hand are better if you have individual cookies, pastries, and the like and you want only staff to be able to access them and then box or plate them for customers.

With these pieces of equipment in mind, you can better begin to plan your bakery and ensure that you are getting all of the equipment that you need to make your bakery a success. For more information, visit websites like