The Benefits Of Granite Countertops

19 November 2017
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Granite is an excellent choice for your home. It is an igneous rock that is available in over 250 colors. In fact, if you walk into most kitchens nowadays, you'll realize it is the first choice over many other materials. Apart from the aesthetic point of view, there is more to the rock than how it looks. Granite is also very easy to maintain and maintenance is as simple as getting it sealed. Sometimes the seal can last for up to ten years. It has so much functionality and that is why more persons are choosing to use the material in their kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and even walls.

Resistant Surface

Granite offers one of the most resistant surfaces compared to other materials. If you put hot items on the surface if you don't own pot holders, there is no chance of surface damage. You can also use it as a cutting board if you are unable to find a cutting board without chipping at the granite. However, you should not use it too much as a cutting board because you can dull your knives. It is also stain resistant once sealed.

Value for your home

Granite is an environmentally friendly and natural material. It is more likely to attract potential buyers to your house. It helps that it retains its natural look since it's an earth-friendly material. Granite is also expensive so having it also adds more monetary value to your house especially if you include it in your bathroom as well. Even if your house is older, granite is timeless and despite the generation, it is seen as a luxury material.


Having granite for your countertop is more sanitary than having another material for your counter. Granite without this seal is non-porous so it can be easily stained. The sealed surface basically makes the counter bacteria and germ-free. It makes the counter resistant to liquids and oils. This sealed characteristic allows you to clean the countertop easily and you can also roll out dough as it provides a flat surface. To get the most out of your granite countertop, you should seal it as sealing it gives it the ability to be stain resistant and sanitary.

Of course, granite is not your only option. The best thing to do is to consult a specialist in countertops, such as at Selective Stone LLC, to get the full scoop on options within your budget and style guidelines.