When Should You Invest In A New AC?

29 May 2018
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Air conditioners are an important part of every house, but there are many factors that must be weighed when you have these appliances in your home. One of the important decisions you'll need to make will be when it's finally time to get a new AC. There are a few factors that can tell you when it's time to make this change.

Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof

If you're spending a fortune on your energy bills, you should consider getting a new air conditioner. ACs are among the heaviest consumers of energy in US homes. These energy bills can pile up and you could be spending a fortune in just one year.

Changing an AC is a great opportunity to bring down your energy costs especially if your unit is more than a few years old. Modern ACs are designed to run more efficiently, which means you'll be spending less each month.

You're Constantly Repairing Your AC

The occasional repair or maintenance for your AC isn't that big a deal. However, if you find the frequency of repairs is on the rise or that you seem to be fixing the same old problem, you should start looking for a new AC.

It's quite inconvenient if your AC is always in need of repairs. If this happens at the wrong time, you may have to put up with a few uncomfortable days. Additionally, the cost of all these repairs can quickly add up and in the end, you could be spending much more than it would have cost you to just buy a new AC.

You're Planning on Selling Your Home

When you put your home on the market, anything that doesn't work as well as it should brings down the value of the house. The AC is an important part of the house and new homeowners may not want the inconvenience of having to buy and install a new AC before they are able to enjoy their new home.

When you let your buyers know that the AC was recently purchased and was installed by professional air conditioning services, it could fetch you a better price for you house.

You Want to Go Green

There's no going green if you're still using an AC from back in the day. Older ACs were not known for their environmental friendliness and if you wish to be more green, you'll have to start by changing out your AC.