Keep Your Food Cool and Your Fridge Running With These Tips

19 July 2018
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The fridge is the centerpiece of the American kitchen. Whether it's to store your leftovers or just something you raid for a late night snack, your fridge is critically important in your daily life. If you want to keep your fridge in excellent shape while maintaining food at the best possible temperature, here are some tips that might help.

Your Mom Was Right About Shutting the Fridge Door

If you ever got yelled at as a child for leaving the fridge ajar, your parents knew what they were talking about. A fridge without a proper door seal isn't much of a fridge at all. But it's not enough to simply remember to shut the door. You should get into the habit of closely inspecting your door seals at least once a month to make sure you are not leaking cool air out of the fridge. Doing so will make your fridge work harder than it has to, and your food might not be as cool as it should be.

Wipe Those Coils

Most people with a window air conditioner understand that you have to clean the coils every once in a while to keep it running as it should. Some companies, like Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration Service, know that your fridge has coils too, and they do essentially the same thing. A fridge with dirty coils isn't running very efficiently and your fridge temperature might not be what you like. Every 6 months, unplug the fridge, take apart the cover over on the coils, and wipe down the coils with soap and water.

Don't Leave It Empty

Have you ever seen a mostly empty fridge that contained boxes of baking soda and wondered why? It's because the owner was smart enough to know that a fridge actually needs at least a little something within it in order to maintain the right temp. If you are running low on food supplies, at least consider buying a few gallons of water or use the baking soda trick. Food that is already cooled can help soak up any warm air that comes into the fridge when you open it, thus helping you maintain the right temperature.

If you want to keep your fridge running in optimal condition, keep the coils clean so the fridge stays at the right temperature, and keep a close eye on the door seals. If you notice the start of any problems, reach out to a local refrigerator repair service to schedule an appointment.