Things That Can Go Wrong With Old Grills And How A Grill Dealer Can Help Fix Them

24 October 2018
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Grills are an excellent way to cook food outdoors when the weather is too hot to be cooking indoors. They are also perfect for entertaining large groups of guests for summertime parties. If you live in the Midwest, people there grill out in the winter, too. Anytime you want or need a new grill, you can just visit a grill dealer. If you are having any of the following problems with your grill, regardless of its age, you can visit a grill dealer to fix it. 

Ignition Button Is Missing

An ignition button on most grills is what strikes a spark that ignites the propane (if that is the time of grill you have). If, instead of pushing the button, you or someone else accidentally pulls​ on the ignition button, it can dislodge the button and pull it straight out. Then you do not have an ignition button or a way to create the spark to ignite the gas. You could just light a match and toss it into the grill, but that is generally more danger than it is worth. Instead, visit a grill dealer and ask for a new ignition button. Be sure to take the brand and model number of grill with you, because not all ignition buttons are the same. 

​Propane Tank Connection Does Not Tighten/Too Loose

​On propane grills, there is a hose and a connection that tightens onto the top of the propane tank. The hose should never get leaks in it, and the aluminum connection should securely fasten to the propane tank. In the off-chance that the hose does develop a leak, or the aluminum connection refuses to tighten, have them replaced. Leaking propane is not good for the environment, and the leaks can cause an explosion to occur underneath the grill, catapulting it into the air. Grill dealers sell these parts too, and if you are particularly worried about the leaks, take your grill to the dealer and have him/her repair it.

​Missing Knobs

These grills have a series of knobs on the front. Each knob controls the release of gas to a section of the grill. You can choose to have flames going on either side of the grill, or throughout the entire grill. When a knob goes missing, you will need to use a pliers to push the stem of the knob inward and turn. If that gets old, go buy replacement knobs from the grill dealer.