Why You Should Buy A Washer-Dryer Combo Unit

6 April 2021
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When it comes to buying new appliances for your laundry room, your first thought might be to buy both a washing machine and a dryer. Another option to consider, however, is buying a washer-dryer combo, which is a single appliance that washes your clothing and then dries them. This appliance might not be as common as the traditional approach of having both a washing machine and dryer, but it's available in most stores that carry laundry room appliances. There are several factors that can make a combo unit appealing. Here are some reasons to think about buying it.

Less Space Used

Laundry rooms can feel cramped in many homes, which can make the experience of spending time in this room as you do a load of laundry somewhat unpleasant. A major reason to think about buying a washer-dryer combo unit is that it doesn't take up nearly as much space as a pair of separate appliances. If you currently have two appliances, switching to one that will do both jobs will leave the room with more of a spacious feel. You might decide that you have enough space to put in a laundry sink or a folding table, all because of your choice of appliance.

Less Physical Effort

For some people, doing a load of laundry can present a significant physical effort. Namely, when it comes time to lift a load of wet laundry out of the washing machine and place it in the dryer, this can sometimes be difficult. If you have chronic back pain, for example, reaching into a top-loading washing machine to grab an armful of heavy, wet laundry can potentially be detrimental to your back. With a combo unit, you don't have to expend this effort. Once the machine has washed your load, it switches into drying mode and dries everything — all without you having to touch the garments.

More Affordable

While the cost of washer-dryer combo units can vary, you'll occasionally find that buying this type of appliance can be more affordable than the cost of buying a separate washing machine and dryer. This can especially be true if your local appliance retailer is offering a sale on combo units. If you're looking to keep your appliance-related spending within a certain budget, a washer-dryer combo unit may be a more cost-effective option to pursue. Visit an appliance store to learn more about this unique type of appliance.