Useful Actions For Restaurant Owners Looking To Purchase New Stand-Up Freezers

8 April 2022
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One of the more common restaurant appliances today is a stand-up freezer. These systems have a vertical orientation and make it easy to remove restaurant essentials that need to be kept cold. If you're looking to buy a brand-new freezer for commercial purposes, take these actions.

Figure Out What Size Makes Sense For the Long Haul

An easy way you can make sure this appliance investment for a restaurant works out for the long haul is to focus on the right stand-up freezer size. There are actually a lot of varying sizes, ranging from mini-fridges to large industrial units.

There are a couple of factors to weigh for making the right size selection. One is the items going inside this refrigerated space and the other is the location where you're putting this appliance. Think these things over carefully until an optimal stand-up freezer size materializes in your head.

Make Sure There Are Audible Alarms Included in the Door Mechanisms

If you ever forget to close a stand-up freezer in your restaurant, what can happen is food spoils and you lose money. You can easily prevent these situations by going with a stand-up freezer that has audible alarms built into the door mechanisms.

If one of the doors doesn't properly seal shut, the alarm will give you a warning to close it before you lose temperature and waste money. You'll always get these alarms if the doors don't seal all the way like they're supposed to.

Look for a Digital Thermometer That's Easy to Read

From time to time, you'll want to check the temperature of your new stand-up freezer to make sure it's getting as cold as it needs to. This will be an easy inspection to complete if you just get a freezer with a digital thermometer that's easy to read.

The thermometer needs to be large and ideally have backlit lighting. Then you can quickly glance at this part of your freezer and immediately see where the temperature ranges are. If they're off, you can adjust this freezer's settings or schedule a tune-up depending on what's wrong.

Stand-up freezers are used a lot in commercial restaurants because of their cooling abilities and variety in specs. You'll be able to make the right investment with one of these cooling systems if you make sure you research the right spec details, as well as test a couple of units out.

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