Keep Your Food Cool and Your Fridge Running With These Tips

19 July 2018
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The fridge is the centerpiece of the American kitchen. Whether it's to store your leftovers or just something you raid for a late night snack, your fridge is critically important in your daily life. If you want to keep your fridge in excellent shape while maintaining food at the best possible temperature, here are some tips that might help. Your Mom Was Right About Shutting the Fridge Door If you ever got yelled at as a child for leaving the fridge ajar, your parents knew what they were talking about. Read More 

When Should You Invest In A New AC?

29 May 2018
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Air conditioners are an important part of every house, but there are many factors that must be weighed when you have these appliances in your home. One of the important decisions you'll need to make will be when it's finally time to get a new AC. There are a few factors that can tell you when it's time to make this change. Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof If you're spending a fortune on your energy bills, you should consider getting a new air conditioner. Read More 

Preventing Mold Growth In Front-Loading Washing Machines

14 February 2018
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Do you get a nose-full of bad odors when you open your front-loading washing machine door? If your clothes come out of the machine smelling like mold or have black specks all through them, there's a good chance that there is mold growing somewhere. The most likely place for the mold to be growing is around the door seal. Here, you will learn how to prevent the mold growth from occurring once you get it gone. Read More 

The Benefits Of Granite Countertops

19 November 2017
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Granite is an excellent choice for your home. It is an igneous rock that is available in over 250 colors. In fact, if you walk into most kitchens nowadays, you'll realize it is the first choice over many other materials. Apart from the aesthetic point of view, there is more to the rock than how it looks. Granite is also very easy to maintain and maintenance is as simple as getting it sealed. Read More 

When Your Fridge Won’t Get Cold Enough

3 October 2017
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Your refrigerator's job is to keep your food cold enough to delay or prevent spoilage. So when it is not reaching the appropriate temperature, there is clearly something amiss. Some problems that cause increased refrigerator temperatures can easily be addressed at home while others require you to call an appliance repair company. Here's a look at the most likely culprits and how to handle each one. Dirty Coils The coils are generally exposed on the back of your fridge, which means it's easy for them to accumulate dust and dirt. Read More